VPS Training Academy

As a service establishment, we put emphasis on staff development, leadership and education. Maximum efficiency can only be attained through rigorous and continuous education. We embark in a training program geared towards developing to the fullest the potentials of our guards and sustaining them through constant retraining.

VPSTA Training


Jamila security training program is based on a detailed analysis of requirements, careful selection and definition of goals and objectives, thorough curriculum development, comprehensive plan preparation and implementation, expert instruction, appropriate selection of delivery methods, constant quality-assurance and improvement of existing programs, and advantageous use of every development opportunity.

Basic Training

Introduction to the detachment, its organization and the function of the different departments.
Client’s Assets
Republic Act 5487
Basic Duties
Customer Service
Traffic Control

Special Training

Fire Protection
Bomb Incident Countermeasures and threats of Terrorism
Emergency Procedure
Physical Security
Rules of Engagement
Standard First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
Unarmed Combat Defense (80% of our guard force are KALI trained)

Supervisory Training

Supervisor’s Role in Security Management
Career Management & Training
Values Formation & Moral Recovery
Advance Investigation Procedures
Art. 11 Revised Penal Code of the Philippines
Problems in Supervision
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Physical Security Planning
Security Management
Guards Supervision, Principles and Practices
Leadership Development
English Proficiency and Report Writing

Training Office

VPSTA Training


Jamila at its own expense, maintains the level of training of its personnel at the highest level in accordance with its Master Training Program. It periodically provides refresher training program to sustain and/or improve the quality of security services.

Jamila encourages its potential employees to take Career Development Courses for advancement, such as the Certified Security Professional (CSP), Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Masteral Degrees (MBA) and the like.