Jamila And Company Security Services, Inc. is appointed by TAPA Asia as the Service Center in Philippines. Reference: TAPA Asia Appointment Letter for JCSSI

Jamila And Company Security Services, Inc. will take care of the organizing of events within Philippines and recruitment of new members. With the appointment TAPA Asia aims to build on its existing strengths and develop in the new direction that will ensure future sustainability and growth in Philippines.

TAPA Membership Fees and Benefits

For more info, please Contact:
Roger Pulido
Mobile: 09151832196–Globe / 09237129794-Sun
Email: rpulido@jci.com.ph

About TAPA

TAPA – Transported Asset Protection Association

TAPA Asia is a non- profit organization that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders with common aim of reducing losses from international supply chain.  Founded in 1997, TAPA has three regions across the globe namely Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Americas.

As part of its program to bring its services closer to global manufacturers, and freight carriers, in the Philippines, it forged a partnership with our Company.  We are engaged in the security business for more than five decades and considered as one of the pioneers in the industry, Jamila  & Company Security Services Inc. had provided services to high profiled multi-national companies including those engaged in logistics and warehousing business.

TAPA Asia, is moving quickly and effectively, by promoting a worldwide security standard, sharing crime intelligence with its members and law enforcement partners. It provides an Incident Information Services (IIS) a data base of freight crimes occurring worldwide against the industry and TAPA members. The data base stores incidents such as crimes of hijacking, robbery, warehouse burglary, fraud, thefts from facilities and thefts from and of the vehicle and load.

As the newly appointed TAPA Service Center we are tasked to provide the following services:
Handle and process membership inquiries in accordance with TAPA Asia terms and condition of membership.
Manage seminar and / or conference, delegates, training, attendees and sponsor.
Plan and schedule of the seminars/conferences and training kits.
Proactively process individual and Corporate TAPA membership in Philippines

The Association’s security requirements are recognized globally as the industry standard for cargo facility and transport security. TAPA Asia, regularly consults the highest level of relevant government department and law enforcement agencies to support its members in their campaign to reduce crime.

We know that TAPA membership should be critical to the success of your business, safeguarding your goods, ensuring customer orders are fulfilled and protecting your business reputation and financial performance. Statistics will prove that TAPA members are measurably reducing cargo losses compared to the rest of the industry.