Security Services

Our trained security officers ensure security and safety for hundreds of customers throughout our operating responsibility. At Jamila, we understand, however, that no two customers are alike. Jamila has extensive experience and expertise providing a full range of security services in the following industries and environments.

  • Asset Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • VIP Security Escorts
  • Background Investigation
  • Bodyguard/Personal Protection
  • Covert Security
  • Security Investigation
  • Freight Security Escort
  • Electronic Security
  • K9 Bomb & Drug Detection

Jamila recognizes that good management and supervision alone is not sufficient to ensure a quality guard force. The key ingredient to a quality guard force and excellent performance is the personnel who actually does the job. The success therefore, in this and any other security program it undertakes is dependent upon the performance, dedication, skill, ability and motivation of the people who does the job. These are the people who make up the security guard force.

Our Operations strictly observes the proper chain of command.

  • Semi-conductor companies
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouse & Distribution Facilities
  • Business Process Outsourcing / Call Center Facilities
  • Agro-Industrial Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Residential/Subdivision Communities
  • Commercial Real Estate Buildings
  • Chemical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Other Industries

Jamila considers its employees as its best assets, thus deals with them as partners in the business extending to them respect and fair, honest, humane and just treatment.

  • District Officers supervise detachments’ performance
  • Detachment Officers supervise guards’ performance

Very Professional Service (VPS) Delivery System

Quality Assurance

Security Survey & Vulnerability Assessment Plan  Part of the BID requirements is to come up with a Security Plan to be conducted by Operations Field Officers, analyzing and determining the vulnerable areas or weak points of every security posts. All identified weak points shall be given appropriate counter measures and cost effective recommendations in order to strengthen and improve the present security set-up. Jamila also conducts similar bi-annually security survey and vulnerability assessment plan (loss prevention) to all existing clients in order to update, enhance the entire operations of the clients’ business relative to security.


The manual clearly defines the JCSSI standard of performance, policies and procedures which all guards are expected to conform. It also contains the Table of Offenses for every deviations the guards might commit.


Clients are provided by the Agency with a monthly assessment form to evaluate the performance rendered by our guards. The checklist form is designed for clients’ convenience that is relieving them of the burden of writing tedious assessment feedback.

Quality Control


To comply with our corporate philosophy, we have instituted a unique control system that would keep our performance at a satisfactory level. The system includes the following.


Our security guards are inspected on a twenty-four (24) hour basis by field roving officers and Quality Control Inspectors on a regular basis (daily, nightly, weekly, monthly) to ensure that JCSSI guards are always alert and compliant to JCSSI Standard.

JCCSI Immediate Response to Emergency Calls through the Executive Assistance Group (EAG)

Upon receipt of the clients/guards emergency call, EAG, the Agency’s ready 24-hour “Reaction Force”, are immediately dispatch which comprises of the following.

  • Team Leader (TL)
  • Assistance Team Leader (ATM)
  • Tactical Operations Control Officers (TOCO)
  • Motorcycle Patrol Officers (MPO)

Night Hourly Calling Check-up

Guard on a night duty is required to call the JCSSI Operations Center hourly from 10:00 p.m. up to 5:00 a.m. to keep the guard awake and alert all night long. The officer on duty monitors and records the hourly calls of the guards.

Reserve Guards

To immediately respond to client’s request for placement or addition of security guards, our Manpower Officer maintains a ready pool of experienced and well-trained guards.

Fast Communication and Monitoring System

The JCSSI Agency Officer and Inspector effectively supervise and monitor the performance of our security force through the use of UHF two-way radio within the detachment and/or issued cellular phones and other forms of communication equipment. The Agency has developed the SMS Text Blasting which capability is not just within the entire Security Agency Operations nationwide but would cover external interaction of both clientele relations and field detachment operations utilizing the SUN cellular network. MS Blasting and Call Registration both ways are electronically registered on a database “real-time”. Records are kept and electronically backed up in CD and retained for future reference.

Supervisor Monthly Meeting/Seminar

The Agency holds Supervisors’ (Field Officers) monthly meeting attended by all supervisors as a control system to ensure that the objectives of rendering quality service are attained. JCSSI indoctrinates its people to accomplish every task in a superior way through seminars.

Periodic Security Assessment

Our Operations Staff will visit the detachment on a quarterly basis to continually assess the performance of our guards.

24/7 Operations

The JCSSI Operations Center operates twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week, including Sundays and Holidays. We could therefore be reached anytime.