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Our Services

The current software offering for the security services industry is the highly functional Designed by experienced professionals in the security and I.T. industry.


Setting the trend in both the security and electronic industry, Jamila has ventured in research and development program to aid..

Hardware Solution

Handheld Mobile Computers Touch Probe Biometrics and Door Access Internet ready computer with printer Cellular phones..

Software Solution

Security Attendance System (SAS) Personnel Information System (PIS) Manpower Management System (MMS) Billing and Collection System..

Our K9

Jamila seriously believes being the service provider of security is not just about employing more security personnel or..

K9 Unit

Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retriever are amongst those special pure bred canines being owned by the Jamila..

K9 Training

Inspite the danger of bombs & explosives, guns & ammunitions, drugs and other illegal substances were concealed,..


Jamila security training program is based on a detailed analysis of requirements, careful selection and definition of goals and objectives, thorough curriculum development, comprehensive plan preparation and implementation, expert instruction, appropriate selection of delivery methods, constant quality-assurance and improvement of existing programs, and advantageous use of every development opportunity.

Basic Training

Introduction to the detachment, its organization and the function of the different departments. Client’s Assets Republic Act 5487 Basic Duties..

Special Training

Fire Protection Bomb Incident Countermeasures and threats of Terrorism Emergency Procedure Physical Security Rules of Engagement Standard First..

Supervisory Training

Supervisor’s Role in Security Management Career Management & Training CTPAT/TAPA Seminars Values Formation & Moral..


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